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______Box is a publication that considers an alternative method of theming in print magazines. The aim is to radically redefine the identity of a magazine, through its physical configuration and material presence, motivated by the object as a textual communicator. Each edition deconstructs the identity of a different sartorial garment, with the intent to displace it from its commonplace commercial context, instead offering an academic insight into the cultural textures of the object.  


No experience of ______Box is ever the same; the magazine requires a physical construction by the reader. They are tasked to curate their own individual experience with the vessel of content that brings to life misunderstood fashion objects, placed on the body without consideration for the integrity of their composition. The pleasure of consumption manifests in the notion that it will never be consumed by each reader in the same order, nor placed back in the same manner in which it was first created. The dialogue is open. 


The first issue,  glove  Box invites a poetic unravelling of the glove; a garment indebted with cultural value, drawing on themes of disguise, sexuality, and protection. Through verse and prose, it explores; values of tactility, the glove as an intimate second skin both scientifically and sensually, and the powerful dichotomy of the glove as a shielding force, with the capacity to veil its beholder. Through illustration, conceptual photography and critical narratives,  glove  Box establishes a presence for visual literacy in print culture, heralding the potential of the page as a new exhibition space. 

 __glove_Box. Wear them. Read them

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